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I specifically didn't argue that. Would you spurn wisdom because it might not apply to some people who read it? Your call, but I wouldn't understand it. Would it be easier if we just put out a browser extension that stamped "I don't know who needs to hear this, but..." in front of every piece of advice? Couldn't you just imagine it being there instead? you don't miss out on what might apply to you by wasting your time thinking about who it doesn't apply to?


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No, but I'm noticing how you chose to mischaracterize the position as if it were an extreme absolute as your first step in arguing. It means you have a weak point to make. Not really interested in wherever you were going there cause you're starting off by signaling that you will be making cheap, low quality arguments.

People have strong tendencies to not give to give themselves credit for all they've been through. That's all this is getting at. Slap yourself upside the head and tell yourself that things don't have to be 100% literally true in every single case to have value as advice. I've worked with a lot of people who struggle with being too literal about everything, so I assume that's all that's happening here for you.


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Thanks for this, saw that someone went and downvoted everyone who just appreciated the post. Whoever that person've got some problems and genuinely need therapy.


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Then you handled the fallout from not handling it. I didn't do my taxes for the longest time in my twenties, government just kept my refunds and chased after me one year when they thought I made more money than I did. So not handling it caught up with me, and then I had to handle that. You learn that putting things off can make them worse, and then you handle that life lesson.


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And yet they're right. I've never met a single person that had it easy and yet people don't give themselves enough credit for surviving. A lot of people think they're weak who haven't bothered to look back at all they've been through.

Challenging people to take stock of how strong they are is noble and important at any age. Whether or not something makes you cringe is the least important thing in the world, and the type of person who says "cringe" to this is a helluva lot less mature than the angsty 12 year old. Nice self own though, grow up.


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This is confusing because it relies on some different definition of motivation than the real one. If I do something, I was motivated enough to do it. If I don't do something, I was not motivated enough to do it. Saying that action leads to motivation ignores that I must have had enough motivation to take the action in the first place to have done it. There is no such thing in the real world as taking an action you were not motivated to take.


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>Geralt insulates himself from what happens in the world. He shows that, to some extent, he doesn’t care what happens to people, as long as he isn’t involved.

Interesting article but I take issue with this paragraph in particular. The "doesn't want to get his hands dirty" angle is overreach. He chooses to take a more humble approach to his own judgment. He knows what is evil and what is not, but to judge between two evils requires more than knowing whether something is wrong or right..a feeling that I think most of us feel "in the pit of our stomach." It requires a belief that one is right about the matter of degrees. The instinct of wrong or right is the feeling he trusts, and the lore is big on communicating that Witchers are highly instinctual. But comparing two evils no longer involves that gut instinct but is instead a heady affair where bias can roam more freely. That he prefers not to choose does not say that he won't if he is forced either.

Lesser or greater evil is a matter for society to decide. He detects evil in a binary, instinctual way and won't pretend otherwise.