Megasdoux t1_iqw26rs wrote

Every implementation of concentration camps is a terrible act, and it is not a competition of which one is worse. People suffered and died regardless.

You are referring to the Holocaust, which was indeed a genocide undertaken by the Nazis in Germany and Nazi-affiliated governments. The genocides of Indigenous Peoples in North America and of the Armenian peoples were precursors to the Holocaust. I did not say that the Holocaust was inspired by British Internment camps during the Boer war. I was inferring how the use of concentration camps during the Boer war were instituted as policy by the British under Kitchener, just as the Nazi camps were also established as policy.

While the actions of the British in South Africa is not labelled as genocide, the actions through the use of internment/concentration camps were still echoed in various degrees afterwards in the Internment of Japanese-Americans and Jewish(as well as Romani and other people's) in Nazi Germany. Nonetheless, these were all instances of concentration camps. I don't see how this is an "internet myth" when there are several historical connections and scholars have stated as much.

Concentration and Internment are synonyms and are often used interchangeably to describe the same thing.