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Woah sounds cool! if there's rabbit holes in the lawn, then it's a field! This robot has 14-inch wheels for toys and fruit, object detection, and some pincers to take toys and new plastic objects away from it's work zone.

It doesn't have a border wire, it's using ultrasound pings, the same technology that drones use to fly in groups. It's also rather tall with multiple cameras at the top.

The car washing option is just a rinse for salt and hubs, a bit like an intense rain storm that hits sideways. So, worth implementing if it can?


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Thanks for the tip. I'll take it off the list. Often, thorny bushes can invade a field and they are so thorny (i.e. wild prunus trees), it's fairly difficult to work on as a human, so that's what I was thinking of when I put the rotary blade on it. Probably not necessary indeed.


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Aaaaanything... The brain can imagine anything and so can AI. So, when a kid starts to learn, the easiest thing for him are recognizing shapes in books, then words, then walking and motor skills, The next big thing is that AI will go through it's terrible two's and start biting and having tantrums.


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Firstly AI will be used to work faster, to create scenes faster, to furnish them like images from many angles, and then later to synthesize entire world spaces, game engine companies like unreal and Nvidia will have some draw-your-scene tools which are like diffusion iamges except in 3D. The render times will be slow for this decade, although once the scene is created it can be saved and perhaps takes 1 hour to do previously 1000 man hours of work, so indies will be doing AAA games.


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Then we'd have to crawl all of stack exchange, all of wiki, and 1 terabyte of programming books... This "generalist NLP" is for article writing, for poetry.

I'm a big fan of teaching ChatGPT how to interpret graphs, the origin lines, to record in a vector engine that is couple with the NLP. For a coding engine, I believe NLP should be paired with a compiler, just like a maths specialized NLP should also have a mathlab type engine.


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less than 500MB is used for code learning, 690GB is used for culture, geography, history, fiction and non-fiction... 2GB for cats, 2GB bread, horses, dogs, Cheese, Wine, Italy, France, Politics, Television, Music, Japan, Africa. less than 1% of the training is on science and technology, i.e. 300MB is biology, 200MB chemistry, 100MB physics, 400MB maths...


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Check how the magic wand works on github and open source code for Gimp. There are probably a lot of specific terminologies for these selection algorythms, and when you have found descriptions of pros working on the field you will have access to a lot of their research.


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[D] What is the future of NLP for the coming 24 months? Dall-E clones MidJourney and SD took 6-8 months to appear, so is that how long it will take for clones of ChatGPT? Perhaps less delay given the higher investment and market potential?


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GOFAI is encompassed within the logic of ML today, so it's actually evolved into NN symbolism and that's fine with me. ML heavely applies many systems of GOFAI.

Intelligence is a result of learning, so the science of data acquisition is synonymous with AI. The AI is the jug of water when it's filled, the learning is the filling of the jug, perhaps the machine is the jug that can contain networked ideas.


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Warm-bodied ties between mammals and birds diverged 300mn years ago. When your mummy was still in the womb :)

December 13, 2021

University of Queensland

The evolutionary origin of endothermy (the ability to maintain a warm body and higher energy levels than reptiles), currently believed to have originated separately in birds and mammals, could have occurred nearly 300 million years ago. Share:


Rodents and elephans split 130mn yra ago. Elephants and dogs split 110 million... mammals and dodos split 250 300 million years ago.


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Google.... Reproductive chromosome recombination methods..... You will find what you seek...

Basically It's like two pack of 24 cards where You mix 2 games together andYou have 10 billion possible mixes of just one card. On top of that, you can divide cards in the middle and gleam together with cello tape. The number of different possibilities then becomes a 100 billion.


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Since 1.3 million years, more than 50% of hominid finds come from europe and asia, so perhaps the African origin since 1mn years is overstated in the fog of 50 subspecies of which we know half a dozen. Neanderthal and Denisovan arent reported in africa, althought their roots are perhaps 70% african from 500k yrs.


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geochronology Dating methods

1.1 Radiometric dating

1.2 Fission-track dating

1.3 Cosmogenic nuclide geochronology

1.4 Luminescence dating

1.5 Incremental dating

1.6 Paleomagnetic dating

1.7 Magnetostratigraphy

1.8 Chemostratigraphy

1.9 Correlation of marker horizons Scientists have developed a bunch of methods, for example quartz when hidden from sunlight develops some chemical changes over time, so we can tell when a quartz was last exposed to sunshine. They also can use pollen in the soil and find what era of history that tree belongs to. They can also use carbon like charcoal and do carbon dating. Generally they need to define strata where all the rocks were laid together and use multiple chemical dating methods.