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I just had a memory. There was a rule in high school that if you could get off the pad before the bar dropped, it was a good jump. We all developed a way of bouncing and doing a reverse flip off the side of the pad. I rode the bar all the way around, but it didn't fall. I walked upright under the bar after I was sure it wasn't going to fall.


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Murrells Inlet, SC would be a good place to conduct a research project. Forty years ago I could fill a bucket with nice selects in 30 minutes just walking from the shore. I quit picking oysters years ago because the quantity and size diminished so much. Too many people picking on too few beds. It doesn't help that development is causing many of the beds to permanently close.


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I was a diver in college. The way she hit water didn't hurt much. You want pain? A reverse and a half that you know you aren't going to make so you stay tucked... That's a broken nose.