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That we should pay attention to how long covid is impacting people's ability to game. That this impact might expose something about where we are headed as a whole. That the stats that are collected could be used to monitor public health as long as privacy protections are in place.


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They are sending a few missions to Venus. One of them even utilizes a balloon to stay in the upper atmosphere for an extended period. I would rather see crewed missions to Venus then Mars. Mars has dozens of ways to kill you while the environment in the clouds of Venus is comparatively simple. The only thing that would give me real pause is if we discovered life on Venus.


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Venus is right next door, and if you don't mind not living on the ground it's pretty habitable given our current technology. You can make graphene from co2, and then you could use that graphene to build more habitat. The sulfuric acid also isn't as much as a problem as people make it out to be. Sulfuric acid H2So4 which is just 2 waters bonded by a sulfur atom. If you have sufficient electricity sulfuric acid can be turned into water. It even has phosphorus which is essential for all life.

If you want to surf the skies Venus would be the target.


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Here is what I wonder about. We know that the world wood web has signals that look like language. So what happens if we try to contact it? It seems that the mycelium kingdom and plants have a long history of cooperation. It makes me wonder whether something like trade could be possible. When it comes to the climate crisis we kind of need all the help we can get.


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True but I still feel solace that nothing besides the heat death can destroy the entire universe. In that sense we will have left a mark of sorts. The collapse into the false vacuum might even be the start of a new universe since it would liberate so much energy. You could get Kugelblitzs forming possibly. It's hard to think what the new rules would be because so much is dependant on that one tiny thing. What I do know is the speed of light wouldn't change that much.


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It depends on where you are in the Universe. If for example at a certain point you spontaneously came into existence in the middle of certain cosmic voids. If this happened in a not so distant future. Then the edge of that void would be moving away from you at the speed of light. That would mean that light from those stars couldn't even reach you, and any light from you would never reach the edge of the void. That to me is ultimate blackness. If you want to talk about the darkest part of the Universe those may not exist yet.

An interesting side effect of the expansion of the universe is if the false vacuum collapses in one part at a certain distance that becomes isolated from the larger universe. So no matter how bad things get in one part as long as nothing is faster then light there will always be hope of some sort. May you never be born to the void.


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Well COVID isn't transmitted sexually as far as we know. Simply wearing masks while your approaching a deer you shot would be a good idea. So many people don't seem to understand the unique risks that come with transmission from animals to people. Instead we get jokes. We get bullshit male toxicity so afraid of minorities that they need a gun, but refuse to wear a mask to protect them from a virus that has killed millions. I don't feel like jokes right now, because hunters are going to get us killed with their reckless behavior.


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I once asked a next generation AI chat bot what would happen if a virus could spread amongst mammalian life, and it responded with one word extinction. This was notable because usually it was pretty verbose. The damn thing sent chills up my spine despite having a basic understanding of how it worked.


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That would be smart. I'd say a face shield, because I'm not sure if blood from the lungs is infectious. Honestly I would just stay the fuck away from deer. I had this long conversation with an AI once about what would happen to mammalian life if multiple species could get it. The thing said one word and it sent chills up my spine. Extinction


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Well ask him how he's feeling. If he does have a cold ask what symptoms he's had. I don't know if he would be open to take a test if he is sick. If he won't then just stay away for a bit maybe. You could also just warn him about it for future information. A face shield and mask would also probably make gutting the deer a bit less unpleasant. So it's not like there is no benefit to it. I hope no one you know gets sick. I hope this dies out in deer.


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COVID isn't blood borne thankfully. I would try to protect myself from those, but I would be more worried about Lyme disease from ticks then COVID. Just wearing a mask and if you really want to take this seriously a face shield to stop splatter from inside the deers lungs. I would say when your first starting to gut it that would be the most hazardous period.