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You ask me like I know the answers to these questions 😅. A lot of them were small businesses so I didn’t have as long to decide as some larger companies give you. I had about a week on average. And I did decide to roll the dice a few times, the $75k job was actually the first one I got offered but I decided to keep looking - I think it’s just a matter of what your goals are and how big a risk you’re willing to take


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I would recommend looking up resume templates/guides, getting professional friends to help you practice interviews and look up common interview questions! I looked on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and local industry-specific job boards

Edit: Also I feel for you. I’ve been living off cheese bread and credit cards


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I honestly would but the next couple weeks are going to be fucked getting ready and I don’t think I’ll have time. I use a simple word format with one small left column for contact, skills, and qualifications, and the bigger right column for work experience and education. I don’t use any of those weird rating widgets because I hate them but I know they’re popular now. I honestly think employers in my industry would find them irritating


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I have no fucking idea. I really don’t. My resume is bangin though (I think) and I tailor each to each app?? I also think that somehow the job market in horticulture is really good right now. Don’t know why that would be or if it’s true, but kind of seems like it from my experience

Edit: My intel from 80% of these jobs is that they haven’t gotten a lot of quality applicants. For whatever reason.


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Thanks! Well I’m not just looking for money. I forgot to mention that a few of the jobs were in other states (I standardized all the salaries for my cost of living here). Anyway that one was kind of a dream job but I thought I would lose my mind if I moved to where it was