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Yeah, this has been a popular cutting agent here in philly for awhile now. It's really popular in the fake xanax pills that are everywhere right now here in town. I'm not even sure you can get legit xanax on the street anymore. It's all pressed pills with tranq and fent and a tiny bit of xanax. I know people who went to rehab for xanax and were told all the other things they had in their systems and they had no idea till they were told. Thankfully I think some people have stopped taking things just out of fear.


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Definitely buy one if you havent. It's worth it for last of us remake alone.... but... and this is a huge but, make sure you keep that sob dust free or it will crash out hard. It's the biggest dust magnet I have ever owned. I was shocked at the 6 month accumulation and I'm pretty nutty about keeping electronics clean


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Social media should be banned on all government equipment anyway. I'm shouldnt have to pay for someone to pick up chicks tinder.

Business shouldnt allow their workers to use those apps either, atleast not on company equipment.

I could careless if people want to tiktok or facebook or find dudes to 69 with on grindr. That all sounds great. Just do it on your own dime.