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One of my clients was the local community college system a while ago. Sat down with the head of interior design early on to go over their role and processes. Anyway I asked about bids and orders for furniture, and she said “yeah we basically don’t bid things out and buy all the furniture from the prison system.” Apparently this is the case for all public colleges in the state. All the desks, beds, everything, are done with prison labor.


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My friend’s younger brother passed away about 2 years ago. Adult, but still relatively young. Anyway, what struck me was that his family basically had a plan for who contacts who. Probably pretty useful in case of a medical emergency as well “Brian is in the hospital and might not make it” scenario. So the parents and kids called a couple people in the family and basically directed those people to let further flung relatives know, so they could use the time to concentrate on more immediate things.