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I grew up in southern Indiana in an environment similar to Georgia. Hot, humid, rattlesnakes, copperheads, a zillion biting bugs, and so on. We did have snow in the winter but never over a few inches.


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Most of us have been in one. It’s a pain in the butt too. Your skis or snowshoes get tangled in the lower branches so that it’s really hard to climb out without detaching them. Detaching them is hard. My best friend fell into one when snowshoeing and disappeared. He was wearing snowshoes and a 50-pound pack. I had to lay down in the snow to help him out. We were cracking up.

Edit: Most of us who play in deep snow. I live in Oregon. There’s about 15 feet of snow in the mountains and more coming.


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That would be hard to discern as there are plenty of 40-weekers who have mental health issues. I'm glad you made it.

My wife worked in NICU long enough that a young dad was in with his premie and my wife was caring for it. The dad knew my wife's name and they were both flabbergasted. He had been a premie about 19 years before and my wife took care of him.


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Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that the baby should have died!! My wife was a high-level NICU nurse and from her I learned that the earlier a baby is born the more likely are serious problems. Our grandson, who lives in our 3-generation home, was premature and he has only a few problems that few can recognize, but he was only a few weeks premature. How premature were you?