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I hear you that sounds fricken annoying and just saying "buy an apple product" is not helpful and comes across as super dick ridey.

BTW I had issues with them too on a Roku device. Pachinko was borderline unwatchable because I don't fricken speak Korean and I had the same issues you had. It's an Apple problem, it's not your TV.


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Idk, this show got absolutely no buzz when it aired. I watched both seasons concurrently and hardly anyone was ever talking about it. It's also not great. It's fine. Funny in places. Hard meh from me personally with the exception of a couple episodes.


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I disagree, I think BCS has pacing issues and they could have moved a little faster. I love how it ended up in the end, but you could tell the writers had nothing in mind for endgame in the first two seasons. Great show, but probably could have been five seasons.


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Yeah that longer I've sat in season 3 of FAM the less I've liked it in my mind. I'll be there for season 4 but honestly it needs to be really good if I'm going to keep watching. I don't think it's unsalvagable at all for the record and the last few of episodes of season 2 are pretty fucking incredible.


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You're absolutely right about it not being as horror focused as the games were at times. I think the tones are slightly different, the show seems a tad more optimistic and tbh more soft than the game. Not a complaint, just an oberservation. Cant wait for the last three eosidoes.