MeowsAllieCat t1_j1hfukb wrote

I second this recommendation! Dr. Baugher operated on me at Union Memorial in 2013 & 2014. He's great, both medically (very experienced and skilled) and personally (always made me laugh and he even let me keep the gnarly x ray). I'm pretty sure I said "I love you" to him when I was all hopped up on anesthesia, haha. The physical therapists are excellent as well. Just make sure you do your part with the home exercises.

Unfortunately my finger is still not 100%, but that's my fault for putting off treatment. (Spiral break, but I insisted it was just a sprain because I was young, poor, and afraid. The bone started to heal twisted, so it had to be broken again to be fixed, and required multiple surgeries due to scar tissue. Still, it's in MUCH better shape than it was before.)