Mera_Green t1_ja7ks81 wrote

I am going to very unpopular.

My thoughts on the viewpoint character are: "What a selfish, stupid AH."

It's very feel-good to want to love your body, but let's face it, the character is morbidly obese and by the sound of it, grossly unfit. And has been summoned to fight on behalf of a god in a magical realm which is not going to have modern conveniences. They are hopelessly incapable of doing anything even remotely risky, since any form of combat will lead to them dying, or their friends spending a lot of effort keeping them alive at risk to themselves. This is someone who cannot (pardon the expression) pull their weight. They are a genuine liability.

Were they in the normal world, then sure, love yourself if you want. Go for it. More power to you. But to not only refuse to do anything to ensure that you can do the job required, and to try to shame others about their decisions to upgrade themselves is appalling. Sure, the others added flaws reminiscent of their original bodies, and that's okay, but the viewpoint character won't even go that far. This is someone who does not understand that the world doesn't care about how they feel, and that when they get torn apart by demons, or their friends do while trying to protect their sorry ass, then it may just become apparent that it was a truly terrible idea.

This was an amazing opportunity, and would require you to really earn it with the rather major quest that they were being sent on. It certainly wasn't free! They didn't need to be perfect, they just needed to be capable of successfully completing the quest. And that requires work and a lot of danger. They need to put aside their personal biases and think of other people, such as their friends whose lives they are endangering, and the people of the world who are relying on them to save it.

It's well-written but I certainly didn't admire the viewpoint character, rather I was disgusted. I saw them as an example of a self-centered person who is blind to the realities of the situation and expects everyone and everything to conform to their wishes. I very much hope that this was the intended plan.