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Super easy. Step 1) You’re there for an hour, two at the very most. Period. Step 2) Take out only what you can carry in a single bag/tote; if it’s a large family, two totes. Most of the garbage you think you need you really do not. The beach isn’t a place you want to spend half a day at for the obvious reasons.


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Taking a gander at a tide chart would have saved y’all some heartache. I’ve lived near the coast for a lot of years and something I’ve never understood is why people pack up everything and the kitchen sink to go to the beach for an hour, two at the most.

Apply sunscreen at the car. Have each kid carry their own towel and toy. Mom and dad carry an umbrella, their own towels, and a jug of water. Done. Makes it far less of a hassle and you can easily make multiple trips back out in a day. Mid morning and late afternoon.