Mercurionio t1_jebcy9s wrote

The question is how machine will iterate the stuff. Like, it gets new info about surroundings and add to the code immediately and completely changing it's behavior on the outcome. Or just collects the data and then reprocess words into bigger salad.

Currently, gpt4 can return to original incorrect answers because it keeps iterating the salad until the user is satisfied.


Mercurionio t1_je4clfy wrote

I'm the embodiment of what will happen.

Some will have access to it and will be able to adapt somehow. Others won't and, basically, will die. Like me.

Finally, there will be those, who control the access. Guess what they will have.


Mercurionio t1_je48pn9 wrote

It will be improved towards what is needed.

The question is not about "I lost my job, where to go". The question is to plan ahead for a year at least.

Frankly, AI already did kill our future. We can't plan for it, we can't prepare for it, we don't what will happen tomorrow. It's like knowing the date of your death, but from the opposite angle. The same frustration and fear.


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While 1st option is better, it, most likely, won't happen. Because rich people and power hungry maniacs/dictators won't give up wellbeing for peasants. Poor people are easier to manipulate, so most likely it will end up at "just survive" level. And AI will be used to brainwash them.

Classic dystopia.


Mercurionio t1_jdqwpnl wrote

Points to what? Why UBI is bad? Why Utopia is NOT possible?

The answer is pretty simple. Because we are humans.

If you were born in free countries like Norway, you see the world as a beautiful place. But if you were born in post soviet shit holes or China/Iran like, you should understand, what a crap our world is. Not only UBI is a Feudalism thing (because, those, who in charge, will decide, how much you will get), Utopia isn't possible because resources are limited. Unless we start synthesising EVERY mineral or organic material, nobody will be in equal positions. There will always exist something, that millions will want to have, but not able to get because it will be hoarded by those, who have power.

Either you see Jesus coming back and uniting everyone under one banner, deliting power hunger and giving us unlimited access to resources, OR you see fascists and dictators rising in a quest to hoard everything to themselves.