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There are plenty of HOF-level coaches that didn't even win one tournament. Kruger, Huggins, Keady. Izzo also only has one and for the past two decades has been considered one of the best tournament coaches ever. The NCAA tournament is one of the hardest tournaments to win in all of American sports, and the fact he got a player like Carmelo to play basketball at Syracuse is a testament to the program he built.


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This isn't about the charges. It's about him seeing his teammate die in front of him, and his first reaction is to flee, lie to the police, and act like he wasn't there.

Stop with the "imagine your best night ever being ruined by your own actions :(((" type shit. I do not feel bad or sorry for him at all. The only thing this proves to the NFL teams scouting him is that he is a POS. It doesn't matter what he gets sentenced with in the end.


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I hope he feels awful over this, but denying it completely after he fled the scene shows little remorse. And his other teammate that ALSO fled was charged with racing in a separate incident just last week. Don't act like they're learning anything from this.

Great players have dropped in the draft for far less.


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The distance is given in the name. Z-12 means a redshift of 12, but it is a VERY rough approximation that needs to be verified or corrected based on thorough spectroscopy. z=12 is roughly 13.5 billion light years old, which based on the expansion of the universe, would mean the galaxy is actually several times more distant.