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An incompetent but proactive Fate realizes that she made a mistake, giving protagonist #1 an unbearably and undeservedly shitty life. At the same time, a desperate King calls out across the Cosmos for a Hero to save his Kingdom from the Demon Lord, latching onto protagonist #2. A neglectful but efficiency-minded Reaper sends Truck-kun to snag them both at the same time in the same crosswalk. Somewhere between Earth and their destinations, they get switched.


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Don't have a full piece for this one, so just one final vignette:

The permanently scowling figure stood astride the open portal, one leg in his home reality and one in the land of Alcubear. He looked out over the gathered crowd, come to celebrate the Demon Lord's defeat and the return of Peace to the land, with a disgusted sneer. The King Sensed that the soon-to-be-departed hero had some final words for his people, so he raised his hand for silence. "What do you wish to tell us, oh Hero?" he asked.

"Unlawful appropriation of City resources,
Unlawful imprisonment of a Judge outside the bounds of the City.
Interference with a Judge in pursuit of his lawful duty.
Destruction of City property.

The sentence is death.

High EX."


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Terry said that if you ground the world fine and sifted it all out, you'd not find an atom of Justice, nor a molecule of Mercy. No such effort was needed in the plastic deco hell called Moonbeam Gardens. You could tell just by looking.