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Rule 34. Plus, fakes of celebrities has been around for almost as long as the internet has. The only difference is that the quality of fakes has improved, exponentially.

To be honest, porn is a major factor on whether some technologies are taken up by the masses. :D


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I think this says more about the Moderator of r/Art than the devaluing of art.

The artist deserves an apology from the anonymous Mod and reinstated in the sub.

The fact that generative art is being called out is because it can be produced with nothing more than a few prompts.

If generative art wants to be taken seriously, it needs to be presented transparently, as being produced by an algorithm - not touted as human-created. But people will - and do - take credit for things that they have not made.

The real issue here is the drive to monetise generative art for corporations and individuals who see a cheap and easy way to make a profit.


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>... it has made art a lot less meaningful.

I disagree. If anything, it has highlighted the increased meaning in human created art.

What has more, overall, value, an original painting by a human artist, a forged version of the painting by another human artist, a printed copy of the original picture or an AI generated interpretation of the original work?

Art is a direct expression of an artists humanity made using their skills and imagination and emotions. Generative art algorithms generate emotionless, sterile, images with no meaning or purpose.


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>But Win11 isn't a paid service, so what are you saying?

Perhaps I should have been clearer. Microsoft seems to be transitioning to a SaaS payment model. It won't happen all at once. Products like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) are already moving in that direction.

Cloud services are profitable.


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>... an occupation of the dying.

Very true. Those journalists that are still trying to reveal the truth of a situation have become very prominent and easy targets.

"In the recently released 2021-2022 freedom of expression report, UNESCO noted the deaths of 86 journalists last year, amounting to one every four days, up from 55 killings in 2021."