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>Hall's legal team is now arguing that footage from the special was later used to sentence their client to death...
>​... However, Hall's legal team is claiming that additional footage, outside that segment, was later presented to the Brazos County Jury before they voted to sentence him to death.

Who selected this footage and where, when and why was it shown to the jurors prior to sentencing?


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Reply to comment by RgrSteveO in A theory about our universe by [deleted]

>Into what?

Prior to the universe existing, there was no 'what'. Just void, null, absolute absence.

The emergence of the universe created its own 'what' and exists within itself without reference to a boundry.


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>Now instead of one service you don't know whether you can trust you have hundreds.

Well, lets build on end-to-end encryption, and go from there. :D


>... and mastedon is only focused on the profit side of things...

Where does this idea originate? Do you understand the idea behind the Fediverse?

As for 'Grandma', it's like telling her that it doesn't matter which service she uses, they all do the same thing and just as safe as each other. :D


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>Centralization is exactly the value proposition of social media. I fail to see what Mastodon brings to the table that something like Signal, Telegram, or even Discord don't already have out there

Interoperability between different systems is the key. Centralisation is the problem. Mastodon and a 'Fediverse' of similar applications brings interoperablility without being tied to profit-generated platforms.

Centralised social media platforms become unwieldly and polarised. They are, also, very vulnerable to manipulation and technological disruption.