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My comment was meant to imply that whether they degrade service to rebuild the line while keeping it running, or they shut the line down to rebuild it faster or more completely, it's going to impact people either way. The same effects you mention will happen, regardless of which option is chosen, although if the line is kept running in some reduced capacity, there might be less of it. When the line is brought back up to full service, the world will be different either way.


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One nice thing about some MassHousing loans is that they come with PMI+, which is their own program which will cover your mortgage payment for up to 6 months if you lose you job. Obviously nobody wants to pay PMI...but if you have to then this is a nice feature of the program.

Another nice feature is that MassHousing will always be the servicer of your loan, even if they sell the loan on. So you will always be paying MassHousing, and you'll always be able to call them for assistance, which is a nice benefit given some of the stories I've seen about some for-profit loan servicers.