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Unemployment number has several categories. U3 is what's commonly reported in the news and looks at people who are unemployed and looked in the past 4 weeks. U6 doesn't include that time restriction, includes people who've given up looking either cause they are discouraged or have left the work force but plan to come back at a later date, and includes part time workers who want full time work.


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I will say from a DIY perspective, I do like that the crimping tool comes with a gauge that I can check the joints afterwards to know they are sealed before flipping the water on. Shark bites are a bit more push and sure, guess it's good. That and the cost aspect of crimp rings and fittings vs shark bite fittings favor crimping (assuming you have the tools required).


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> A recession is typically declared by experts when a nation’s economy experiences two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP)

The moment I saw this line, I knew the rest of this wall of text would be complete dog shit. And frankly wasn't disappointed.

Let's start with the 2 negative GDP equals a recession. Look at this and kindly explain how we get a 2-month recession in 2020 if that doesn't even equal one fucking quarter.

Layoffs - You examples are solely tech based which went through a massive boom during covid and now that things have settled down, they realized they over fucking hired and are having to adjust.

Stock market - I get this is WSB but the stock market doesn't equal the general economy. With the increase in rates, decent risk adjusted returns can be found outside of stocks. Not a shock to see capital leave over valued equities.

Final note, I would draw your attention to the U6 rate. Every other recession, that rate is going up before we "Officially" hit a recession and during the recession, it fucking goes parabolic. What's the trend been for 2022? Fucking down.

We could easily enter into a recession in 2023 but it sure as shit hasn't happened yet.


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My annual raises have always been in the 2-4% range. My job hops have given me raises of 50%, 46%, and 27%. There is certainly a point of diminishing returns where the money to bullshit ratio won't be worth it but I haven't hit it yet.