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No. Real talk, this is BS. This is the same as the dumb "If you're taking flak you must be over the target" thing that conspiracy theorists spout.

There are many ways to make enemies. Lots of people being pissed off at you doesn't necessarily mean you're a lone, courageous truth-teller. It could just mean you're a total jerk.


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I want to add just as a point of (possible) interest that although you may have only heard this terminology in reference to car engines, there are also major implications (or at least used to be) in aviation.

As a plane gains altitude, the air becomes thinner. In a plane driven by a piston engine or engines turning propellers, this means you have to adjust the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders to compensate, but it also means that even if you adjust the mixture optimally engine power inevitably drops off the higher you go. However, this can be to some extent alleviated by using forced induction.

For jet aircraft (including turboprops, which use a turbine engine to turn a propeller rather than a piston engine) this isn't a concern, and the piston-engined aircraft that still exist usually no longer operate at a high enough altitude to make forced induction necessary.


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"Modern civilization" meaning... 1992, when The Bodyguard came out? 1973, when DSotM came out?

Why does it matter that one extremely successful pop album sold a little more than another? It's not like Pink Floyd toiled in obscurity. What's wrong with Whitney Houston? She was an incredibly gifted singer.


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Phones are much thinner than they used to be. The headphone jack and other once semi-common features went away in the pursuit of making the device a millimeter or two thinner. A case like this just makes the case about as thick as all phones were without cases 5-10 years ago, and they're still much thinner than the Nerf toy-like Otterbox cases everybody was rocking for a while.


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It had Whitney Houston's cover of "I Will Always Love You" which was extremely popular (14 weeks at number 1 as a single) plus two other hits of hers on it. The movie was also the second highest-grossing movie of 1992. It isn't that random or surprising the soundtrack album sold very well.


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Jesus, buddy, we're talking about a character who makes a lot of raunchy jokes in a cartoon based on somebody's DnD campaign.

I watched a large portion of the first campaign of CR and they dialed up Scanlan's obnoxiousness about 1000% in LoVM compared to the way Sam played him then. They made a purposeful decision to use him for a certain type comic relief and "this is a show for adults" signaling in season 1. If you make being a loudmouthed randy attention whore a character's sole defining characteristic, the audience is going to decide whether they like him or not based on that, and a lot of them just aren't going to be interested when later you go "No wait he actually has hidden depths." That isn't a failing of the audience, that's a failing of screenwriting - and it's true whatever the era.