MidianFootbridge69 t1_j1cqj0p wrote

If I had Leased out any of those Jets, I would not want them back.

No telling what condition they are in at this point and who knows what the Russians have done to those Planes in the interim.

Forget it, no deal - my Company would just have to take the L on those Aircraft.

It's a pretty big L, but dayum, don't steal my shit and then expect for me to do a deal with you to purchase the shit you stole.

Anyway, it will be amusing to watch Russia have to cannibalize Parts and then eventually run completely out of them.

Edit: A Sentence.


MidianFootbridge69 t1_j1avrhc wrote

There is also the issue of those of us that live in Rural Areas in high rise Buildings.

Our Public Transportation sucks (runs from 6am-6pm) and doesn't frequently go out of Town.

No Commuter Rail.

Riding a Bike can be dangerous around here too, lol and Disabled People will have a tough time walking to and fro (if they can walk at all).

There are a lot more variations of that theme.