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Fascinating read, thank you. I was really under the impression that shootings were a thing in the US since public schools, honestly. I can now better understand why the problem is so divisive.

I think you deserve more lines, but the only thing that comes to my head is that the sense of defeat on dealing with this issue is what has made me believe it was a thing since the 19th century.


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Exactly. I apply this thinking to the whole artists vs art generators debacle. It's sad to see them so myopic, when in reality, it's not that lay people can be mediocre artists, is that mediocre artists can become true genius.

I myself can create some pretty pictures, sure. But I lack the knowledge to edit the imperfections, to generate more content without modifying the central piece, to portray exactly what I need.

Is just another tool. Regarding education, I wonder how many fearmongers where all about "memorizing and vomiting everything is soo outdated" and now fear ai. This sub is full of people that should stay on r/conspiracy.