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Keep in mind it's not just a safety issue - Dupont Circle is also a really fun neighborhood to live in just in general. I lived there for years and loved the safety, the easy walk to lots of other neighborhoods I hung out in like Logan and Shaw, and just the overall vibes. NoMa is a little less connected in my opinion to the rest of places you might want to go to, so you might want to consider that along with overall safety, which I cannot comment on as I live in an Old Town bubble now.


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I like it, but I like bougie/luxury neighborhoods in general. I love Soho in NYC, I love the Domain in Austin - everyone else always calls them devoid of character, but the one thing DC is missing in my opinion to be the perfect city is some sense of how to do glamor.


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Honestly, I would love just a whole playlist of DC Go-go. I fucking love Go-Go - I am the random ass white girl dancing horribly in the middle of the dance floor every time I am somewhere with a live band.


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You might want to ask the nova subreddit as more will have experience with the question.

But keep is my vote. We have like 6 months of usable weather for it here.


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I will trade you for the trumpet player on King St who plays for three or four hours and only knows three songs - Adams Family, Girl is on Fire, and Mary Had a Little Lamb.