MinFootspace t1_j1u7qu2 wrote

The bullet and I eye each other for a moment. But, unlike the bullet, I do care about that moment. Because it's my last one. It's also the bullet's last moment, if you think about it. But the bullet doesn't think about it. Lucky bullet...

Stopping time is my thing. I do it for fun, to have all the time admiring that girl or a crashing wave or anything else fugitive or triffering my timidity. Today, fir the first tume ever, I stopped time out if necessity. And juuust in time, it seems.

Or just a bit too early, you idiot. Whenever you will let time flow again, you die, you idiot. What are some thoughts worth, compared with your now inevitable death?

I know I'm right. I'm toast. But then... what forces me to let time flow again? I can keep it stuck for as long as I want, after all. For eternity, if I want. I don't need to eat or drink, I don't need to breathe... I have Eternal Life before me!

Eternal life, followed by death. Oh my, this is too funny. My catholic Mother would raise her eyes up to the Lord if she'd hear me now. Eternal life, and then, death...

They say Eternity is rather long, especially towards the end. Let's find out.


MinFootspace t1_j1mbc6a wrote

Only if it caused you a financial loss. Which will be extremely hard to prove if there is no injury. And even if a psychiatric expertise says you have suffered, there's not much to write about in this sub.