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Not wrong, but I'm just saying - showing the pretty blue sky above doesn't really quell any of the mixed feelings about why it was so important to save a ladder to nowhere. You can zoom out and show a relatively flat plane just below the other side of the wall and I would question how that's any different then where he started. You would really have to be heavy handled with symbolism of like streets paved with gold on the other side of that wall to make it make sense.

I get it. We all get the heart of the message. That's why OP posted it. ... but there's still an awful lot to unpack.


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Everyone else raggin on you OP and while I don’t disagree with them - If you make a divide halfway down your graphic and then continue to have a divide running roughly down the same section further on… it really comes across as a continuation of the previous section. Like, from this graphic it really does look like “Don’t” continues on to things like “Don’t Keep Calm” and “Don’t Slow Down” “Don’t Enjoy Life” etc. My suggest would be, well, scrap the whole thing, first, but otherwise instead of having the Don’t/Do be left/right have them be top/bottom.

Also, seek help.


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Dreams, typically, are one of those things that you get to focus on last, even in a people-centric society. Dreams and self-actualization are suppose to be life goals. People now adays conflate dreams with wants. It's rather sad. But I fully agree about the displacement of work and money above family.


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Another way to look at it is leave people who need you in the dust if you don't need them. The message is perceived as positive because it's on r/GetMotivated but for people who have been abandoned by parents, spouses or companies the whole "Does It Spark Joy?" crowd is a bit self-centered tone deaf.

Stay in school and please learn that there's often two sides to a story.