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Experienced IKEA people know to start straight in the marketplace and they know how to navigate through departments they don’t want to be bothered with. At this point I can get in and out of an IKEA in less than a half an hour and that’s including the store with the groceries in it. I only get slow down if I want something too big for me to wrestle with and I need help loading the cart.


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That depends. Are you talking about an event that only has two teams? An event like a tennis open where you might support a specific player but overall you just enjoy good tennis is not a disappointment. Or in an Olympics where it doesn’t make any difference necessarily who wins as long as it’s your country but you’re going up against multiple countries competing so less than half or more than half depending will be disappointing.


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If you have a good relationship with him, ask him questions and stories. And if he’s willing, record them. Ask him his favorite school memory, or about when you were born, or his first prom date. You have no idea how valuable the stories will be when you can no longer ask. And even better for a video that you can enjoy. The history of you is gone when your parents are gone, so whatever questions you want to ask about his past or yours-— now is the time.

I gave my father a blank journal, and I told him that anytime he thought of some piece of wisdom or a little anecdote that he wanted to share, he should write in it. He thought it was stupid at first, but then he really got into it, and I treasure it.