MinorFragile t1_jcq1xip wrote

Go Ukraine. Be careful there is a lot of anti-ukraine rhetoric/sentiment being pushed in the U.S. currently.

Half the conservatives I know are balls deep in wanting to stop supporting ukraine. Saying we are using all our ammunition or we should be focused elsewhere.

I just don’t understand because from my perspective we are:

-dismantling the Russian military -reinforcing our defense industry -testing weapons -keeping some nations “for now” from trying some bs.


MinorFragile t1_j5jf780 wrote

I’m actually for chatgpt in the sense of who really cares of an ai writes something better than most humans and I take it and tweak it to make it my own creation.

It feels like a lot of people are scared or intimidated by it, like it’s perceived as this big playing field leveler. When In reality the playing field was pretty flat to begin with, just some man made obstacles.

I hope it grows and becomes more accessible to people.


MinorFragile t1_j200lhc wrote

Are there not missiles that can seek targets over horizon that can be fired from here?

I’m unsure of the name of the YouTube channel but it’s like a mapped battle sim and information is put in with weapon types/ranges/functionality and many of the fights turn real and raw real quick when the deaths mount. It goes in depth of jets diving and averting missiles and accounts for missiles that have better acquisition measures.