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Why is everything a slippery slope to you guys? Why do we have to make laws based on some fringe incident? Some guy somewhere acts excessive so we should ignore the 99% of cases this doesn’t happen and instead make sure this one thing never ever happens again?


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I’m not though. Obviously it’s not as easy as JUST bringing food to a table but there’s a reason it’s a minimum wage job - overall it’s low skill and anyone with a couple of weeks of training can do it. Unless we’re talking about Michelin star quality of knowledge and experience accumulation, you don’t need a degree to be a waiter. I’m saying this as someone who has done it for about a year, it’s not condescending.


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There is nothing degrading about a reality check. 10-15% for someone bringing food to your table is absolutely generous, especially if they’re paid minimum wage. Lots of minimum wage jobs don’t get tipped and nobody bats an eye about them. I’m not angry about the issue, I’m realistic. People beating others over the head for leaving less than 20% are angry.


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Tips are still expected in the 20% range in states where the waiters do have minimal wage. I think more and more people are just tired of these expectations despite the landscape getting better for waiters. I don’t know where OP is but my state has minimum $15 wage for waiters and still when you get a bill the tip percentage STARTS at 20% and you get the stinkeye for going lower.


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You’re strongarming your boyfriend over this at your birthday. Whether you approve or not, he organized it, he picked it and he can pay whatever he wants. And no, you can’t just butt in to make up for the rest. If you are paying, you can pay whatever you want but if you’re going to pressure other people into what you believe is right, you will lose them.


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Can someone explain to me why it has to be percentage in the first place? Why is ordering a more expensive menu item mean higher tip even though the same service was put in by the waiter? That’s one. Number 2, tipping 15% used to be generous, now it’s suddenly not. “BuT inFLatIoN” - inflation means prices on the menu went up too, so 15% is still more than it used to be. I honestly think society itself and especially people like OP are causing this nonsense. 20% of your food price to someone who doesn’t even cook or prepare it but simply caries it over to your table is fucking bonkers, stop pushing for this bullshit. “Don’t eat out unless you can afford to tip” is also nonsense - if we all did that those same waiters would be laid off and with them the kitchen staff. And before you come at me with “but they make 2$” - no, a lot of them don’t. Many, many states have implemented minimum wage for waitstaff now, please people update your outdated talking points. edit: not you OP, I was trying to make a general point.


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Same as you - vaccinated, boosted, still masked and I caught some type of flu that knocked me out BAD for a week. I had forgotten how bad it feels to get sick as I haven’t come down with anything for 3 years now until this virus around Thanksgiving. Still didn’t catch covid though so there’s that. I think wearing a mask protects me but it would be much more effective if people who feel sick wore one too, because there’s a lot of maskless folks hacking and coughing their lungs out on the trains.


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Lots of people around me are whining that people shouldn’t be evicted 3 years after a pandemic - so they think folks should just be allowed to squat for free, fuck the landlords and all that. And now that the chicken are coming to roost they’re arguing that well lawyers should help the tenants for free I guess. Services of both landlords and lawyers should just be free apparently because some people’s “rights” come before yours.