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I had an ex with BPD who falsified a bunch of abuse allegations against the mother of his kid to get sole custody.

He honestly thought the ends justified the means, he decided she was just a bad person and that she deserved anything bad that he could do to her.

Makes me sick and also makes me more than a little worried the cops may still show up at my door one day. Wish I had never even met him.


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>Herman Whitfield III was having a mental health crisis. While he had never received a mental health diagnosis – to his parents’ knowledge –he had experienced recent episodes where he’d become disoriented. His mother said they’d been able to calm him down.

We need to start taking mental health crises more seriously. He should've gotten help before the police needed to be called.


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>In this study, we investigated the effect of gluten consumption on inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver of mice with NAFLD. Male ApoE−/− mice were fed a gluten-free (GF-HFD) or gluten-containing (G-HFD) high-fat diet for 10 weeks.

I imagine the two diets contained the same macronutient ratios.


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>The investigators used Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel data from 2001 and 2019 to examine the proportion of products purchased by US households containing four common technical food additives (colors, flavors, preservatives, and nonnutritive sweeteners) and to ascertain whether purchases have changed over time through the products’ scanned Nutrition Facts Panels.


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>Many of the gluten-free products contained more unsaturated lipids (or harmful fats) than gluten-containing ones, they were lower in fibre, and their salt and protein content needed to be monitored.

I have celiac disease and have anecdotally observed this. A bread recipe using wheat flour is so simple, mostly flour and water and yeast. A gluten free bread recipe often includes far more butter/oil, and sometimes 6+ eggs.

But because the bread is so different, one tends to consume far less of it.


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Same. Except my mom got pregnant with me only 6 months after my (planned) older sister was born and it seems like she had really bad postpartum depression and anxiety. I have so many health issues, mostly autoimmune stuff. I've always wondered if she just didn't take care of herself well during my pregnancy, like as far as eating well and getting exercise, but maybe it was just the anxiety?


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You can't act like a sociopath if you're not one. But I would guess Meursault is a psychopath, not a sociopath. While both are antisocial, there has been some talk of prosocial or maybe neutrally social psychopaths who still don't feel things but also don't go out of their way to hurt people. They generally just want to leave people alone and be left alone in turn. But as you see in the novel, that's really not an option in our very social world.


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It is okay to be angry when someone steals your idea and presents it as their own.

When you talk to your co-worker, send an email. Make sure everything is written down. Otherwise, they could potentially run to your boss and say "omg kellogg888 accused me of stealing her idea when it was definitely my idea, and she got really upset and belligerent." And then its just your word against his.


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The government refuses to allocate enough money for cybersecurity. They refuse to hire cybersecurity professionals who smoke weed. There are a bunch of old men in charge who don't like things that aren't in their wheelhouse. And other countries are like, actively waging cyberwarfare against the US.

This could end badly.


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I wish more people understood this. If someone stinks because of a hygiene problem, they are usually going to visibly look unhygienic.

If they do not look unhygienic but are still super stinky, a simple "hey friend, I'm worried you might have a medical issue, there is an odor around you and I know you're clean. Maybe you should see a doctor?"


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I mean, there are people who are talking loudly over speakerphone who are just kind of clueless. There are also people who are intentionally doing it to show other people that they don't give a shit about them. I was on a train with someone who asked one of those guys to keep it down, and for a second I swear to god I thought I was about to see a murder. We all fled the car at the next stop. Please be careful out there.