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So the Wikipedia article is a little confusing, but apparently the Roman calendar actually began with the spring equinox in March, so the Ides of March would fall on the 15th by either counting method.

The Julian calendar added two months, but that's where I'm getting confused with the extent of its other reforms, and whether it began with January or March.

However, the central point you are making still stands: "Ides" simply means "the middle," so it would either be the 15th or the 13th of a given month, so "Double Middle" would make no sense in any timekeeping context.


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I found my way to this sub from r/cyberpunk for exactly this reason, because posts like this are some of my favorites.

Search for "pixel" in that sub, and sort by top all time. You're welcome.

Edit: Didn't even realize i was in r/gifs ! I thought I was commenting in r/PixelArt . Check that one out too!


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Why was the Hindenburg coming to New Jersey such a special event?

I'm not talking about the accident. I'm wondering why there were four people filming and at least one radio jockey covering the event in live time? Surely everyone had seen lighter than air craft by then, right?


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So, I used to get a whole bunch. I have certain tricks.

For one, and I don't know if maybe I filled out some form with fake information on the Internet or what, but the scammers all have the name Newell Johnson attached to my (20 year old) phone number. So whenever they would ask for Mr Johnson, I was on their game right away.

When I found out about the bot Lenny (r/itslenny if you don't know), I would always ask them to hold and then for those to him.

The number of calls seemed to triple in a month.

Well then when I got tired of it, I started saying he had passed away.

The number of calls went down to nearly zero overnight after just one or two cases.

So, that tells me they are all using the same active server or some sort of centralized list they are sharing.

Nowadays, I always answer with a business greeting. Whenever a live person comes on the line, I always act like I'm taking notes. They ask me a screening question, and I just say okay. Then they forward me to the valuable people whose time they don't like to waste, and I say "well hi, Mr X. Pleased to speak with you, my name is u/MississippiJoel of company Y. How are you doing today?"

"Is this a business? Click."