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That's normally how these stories work out. The headline provides rage while the story reveals that they weren't just pocketing it. For other excellent examples see Amazon which use to the king of these headlines because it's Revenue went up but didn't pay taxes because it was spending it all too.

Or to put it simply; news sells fake anger.


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His economic theory is 101 level. It looks at the economy like everything else is equal, when in reality nothing is.

There are fields where his idea is closer to truth, fast food and grocery stores have low margins for example, but even then record prices occur at variable times. Grocery stores are making more currently due to inflation for example, but it's record profit that aren't as meaningful as it sounds.

He also forgot the capital part of capitalism, you can't just pluck a new company down and start selling. It takes money (capital) to build a store, get goods, get employees. This means competition is always based on how likely a return is for capital spent.


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No other developed country collects taxes from people who don't live in the country, let alone from non citizens.

Your argument is like saying Britian should be able to tax all Americans because they were once a colony of Britain. Thinking there was a war over that shit.. something about no tax without representation...


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>This was my question. How could they possibly enforce such a law?

The enforcement mechanism is that you can't get money from the government if you have shown active signs of working against Israel, such as in any comments or action. It's fairly loose on interpretation too.


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This isn't the first time the anti BDS laws have been sued - successfully - in courts including the supreme court. ACLU is the usual challenger.

The "rights" group that hasn't seemingly fought them is unsurprisingly the Anti deformation league (ADL), which claims they do a 'case by case' decision but seem to always decide they approve of the laws barring you from your first amendment to protest Israel.