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Each general election the voters of each district (650 total) vote for their Parliament members (MP) who then essentially determine the prime minister. The method selecting a prime minister in the UK is an internal affair (think American primary but more inclusive), which is then defacto decided by members of Parliament who with a simple majority can remove him/her (vote of no confidence).

This is how prime ministers have been selected since at a minimum, the 1900s but I do think even the 1800s as well, albiet with voter in parenthesis at times since districts were... Not equal.


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It helps when you don't broadly mischaracterize the case as the person you replied to does. Fox claimed that Carlson wasn't their news anchor but an opinion/entertainment feature. Something nobody with a brain disagrees with. CNN does have those folks too, Chris Coumo was one.

They didn't claim they werent a news station as the Fox news desk is a thing. Fox news desk has the same level of factualness as CNN and slightly higher than MSNBC (they're all in the C grade) with an equal bias to both.