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> The reason for the attacks, which began with a stealthy penetration of government servers in 2021, but started causing visible disruption only last year, appears to be Albania’s sheltering of Mujahedeen Khalq, known as M.E.K., a secretive Iranian dissident group, on its soil. > > Also playing a role are the polarized politics of Washington, where prominent Republican hawks on Iran have been strong backers of M.E.K.

But, of course. Republicans on the aggressor's side when a NATO ally is under attack. It's like a child's paint by numbers kit but dipshit behavior.


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Not worried over it. Yes, the ui is atrocious. It can hardly remember where you stopped a series and its stream quality is no joke the worst. My rig is top notch, I can stream movies, play a couple instances of games and coordinate the terminals at LAX all at once but Peacock stream stutters, mutters, stalls and ghosts out totally.