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Read my other reply. I’m saying that this like 45 year plan to fix the ozone layer was far too slow.

I’m glad they’re fixing it, but the rest of our climate action won’t have 45 years to rectify. We started this process in like the 90’s.

I do not have much faith in global efforts at the rate we’re going. We can take this victory, but we still have people actively denying the severity of climate change, if not climate change as a whole.


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You’re right, but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying by relation fixing the ozone layer won’t mean much due to the level of destabilized climate we’re experiencing today. We need a much faster plan than 25 years for the rest of our issues

I mean this IS good news, but I am still not counting on much of the way of global coordination if it took us this long to rectify the problem with the ozone layer.


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According to this you may be right. The definition of fatherlessness is extremely poorly defined in this context.

There needs to be a section for “Amount of time spent with father” for this study. The last section simply shows living with one parent. I’d argue that the time is separated evenly based on what this says.

I personally don’t know my father well and know others that don’t so I have some biases.