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Cali has always been described as a hellscape inferno, with earthquakes, floods, mudslides and every other disaster you can think of.

But people are idiots.

No one should be allowed to live there, except a small ish population of farmers.


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Maybe a standard emergency service address sign, with large (several inch) reflective letters on colorful sign, generally green, blue, or red & available at lowes or most any hardware store, and very possible from your local emergency services agency would be a better choice.

So it is visible at night. Maybe put one of the places that people normally post their address.


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The baby is confined in the mother until birth, so the mothers location is irrelevant.

Obviously the baby should receive proper medical care until birth.

And then be placed with a properly family who didn’t commit murder after birth.


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Neighbors assisted suspect gently to the ground with minimal amount of force needed to control the situation.

Unfortunately due to suspects continued combative behavior and resistance, serious injuries were sustained despite citizens efforts to avoid such.

Afterwords the citizens effecting the arrest promptly sought medical attention for the patient.