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You're a dumbass. Any model will have a range of assumptions a good model will account to solve extent for those assumptions changing. However if a new event happens they alters the likely range of those assumptions then updates need to be made.


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You seem to know how to write and maybe even read. Should probably work on your reading comprehension though. And I think Jim Cramer is as big of an idiot as the next guy but in this instance you are truly regarded.

When people say markets are forward looking what they mean is that they try to predict tomorrow's profits based on past and present information. A bank collapse represents new information that wasn't available previously. It takes a while for that information to fully work it's way through the market because it requires new analysis.


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Left I don't understand and I don't even know why I don't understand.

Middle, I learned a thing and think I understand but I don't know what underlying assumptions are and why I should care about them because I know a thing.

Right I don't understand but I know why I don't understand.


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Every one is giving complicated solutions that won't fix the underlying problem. Nothing about this drain is inherently flawed from drainage perspective. Will I clog maybe but most of it looks fine and free if clogs the issue with the pooling by the drive way is that the area in the blue circle is a low spot. What probably happened is that water flowing to that spot and then draining slowly and eventually pooling cause that portion of the drain/driveway/sidewalk to settle so it is a localized low spot. (either that or it was graded incorrectly initially) Finding a way to elevate that area relative to the surrounding area will fix your flow issues. You could also reslope the whole drain if that's easier.

People saying replace it with a French Drain don't actually know what a French Drain is or what they are talking about because this is technically a type of French Drain.


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Does the ring on the outside spin or something? if that's the problem and you don't want to put it back on something like a vise or large c-clam could be used to crush the ring until it bit into the rest of the fitting and could then be loosened that way.

Also that link says it's a left handed thread which means righty loosely.

Tldr: getting it off shouldn't be too hard if you don't mind breaking it. Murph's tool was designed to not damage the fitting.


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Get a carbon monoxide detector. If the levels are high the local Fire Department will come check your carbon monoxide levels and if they are unsafe will issue and order to the landlord that the property is uninhabitable until corrected. Fire Departments don't fuck around with that shit