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Well if we're going down that road, almost all child kidnappings are done by the kids other parent and it's not to kill them.

So if we are looking to stop all child kidnappings that result in the child's murder, we would have an insanely high false positive result. You'd be jailing thousands of people, leaving their kids orphaned and vulnerable to violence. So yeah, don't use the shitty tools to cause more harm than good.



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Is that how it's done? I've never worked uber eats but I delivered pizza. We'd deliver at least 3 orders at a time unless the clock was running out.

Here's my app idea. Food drops. You can only order food from 1 restaurant at any given time. It's all on a schedule. The delivery guy picks up all the orders going to a particular geography and delivers in a petal run. So Stew, is guaranteed like 6 orders, all no contact delivery so you can leave at the door.


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I don't think a dishwasher can have a check valve as they are designed to remove food particles. A check valve might get clogged pretty quick under those use conditions.

I'm talking out of my ass ofcourse, some models might have those valves since some models have a built in high loop. But code is code, and it's meant to protect the average user. I think the manufacturer would have to send a lobbyist to ask every state, city, and township to update their code as well.


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The air gap advantage is that sewage can never get into your dishwasher. I've had sewage backups in an apartment, it spills over the sink sometimes.

If you do not have sewage backing up into your sink due to clogs from upstairs drains, then a high loop is all you need.

If you ever have sewage back up, then it's backed up into the dishwasher (highloop setup) and you will need to run a few sanitary cycles before cleaning dishes in it.


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Reply to [I ate] Jalebi by ezzrd

I’m one of the rare ones who’s hate jalebi and gulab jamon. Kesar pista is amazing tho.