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That's not necessarily the case, in my experience, at least not anymore. If it's an area the PPA patrols (meaning there's metered or permit parking on the street), they will enforce sidewalk/crosswalk blocking as well. If it's unzoned parking, though, that's the PPD. But, even that may not be totally true anymore with the recent push the PPA has had to enforce some of these issues.


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Have you tried reporting it? I would call the PPA enforcement line (215-683-9773) and also reporting it to 911. You can text 911 to do so - just have the location, make/model/color of the car, and license plate info if possible. They probably won't do anything the first day, but if it's there consistently and you keep bothering them daily, they might come out. I know it's ridiculous to have to do all that, but I've had some success in the past with it.


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Agree with most people here that they normally don't check IDs in my experience, so you should be fine either way. Although, do you have the family membership (which includes kids) or the Dual membership? I believe the Dual membership actually allows for a guest