MoekaXCharru t1_j4fapzc wrote

First off... your probably one of the three stooges right? Lol you have to be. Cmon. Secondly. The why. Is quite obvious. Its in front of your face think a little harder. There is reasoning for us not being able to live on this crummy little rock forever. Particularly for the reasoning that our sun implode on itself. And every second we live makes the world worse on its own so far. Havent you seen histories effects? this is literally something that is a fact. No matter how much you deny it. Its not going away. End of. The second question. since you probably wont accept a higher being and probably dont believe in it. Lets just say me, every ledgeable philosopher ever and the earth itself as well as nature. Third. This is the dumbest one yet. this is the nature of our discussion isnt it? The whole reasoning you presented this farce to me? Fourth if they were youd be forcing it on them. which by all rights is wrong as well. fifth The planet gets old too stupid. now thats something you can plain do nothing about. Your farce done with now pls?


MoekaXCharru t1_j4evxj3 wrote

This is literal scientific taboo. And should be made illegal to even research. You are meant to grow old and die. There is nothing you can do about it. Just because the opportunity arises to live forever. Doesnt mean you take it. It would be a living hell. Till you get killed.youll see old friends go. Wives and children ahead pass in front of your very eyes. Why would you wanna live on such a shit planet for such an extended period? You ppl are nut cases. idk if its a fear of nothingness coming after. But I have faith. How is it the one person most versed in fiction rather then reality understands reality better then ppl who work everyday? Haha thats sounds like a sick joke doesnt it? Well get used to that sick joke being all too real.