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Earth science: Is it true that the earth's core might have stopped rotating? If so, what are the consequences?


Also, how is it that magnetic poles move, and can become inverted? And besides messing up with compasses, what would be the consequences of such a big move?


Finally, we don't hear about the ozone layer much anymore. What's going on with that? is it fully healed?


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yeah, that's precisely it, except no McMansions, but condos or apartment buildings instead. In order to make a profit, the developers will have to up the prices. Nothing comes in cheap. That much sudden density will cause traffic jams on roads not designed to take in that many cars, but maybe, decades later, the public transit infrastructure will become developed enough to help.


At best, I see this as a heavy-handed attempt to force the cities and suburbs to densify, but it'll come with a lot of pain for the next 15, 20 years.


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it's really unclear that this would pass. It's an attempt to force higher density new constructions in urban environments.

I haven't heard of state-wide mandates for higher housing density.

In my opinion, densifying is not a bad thing, but the infrastructure isn't necessarily made to support it, so this could cause a lot of really bad traffic jams.

I can also see that people will go further and further out to get the single family homes they crave causing more exoburbs and suburban sprawl.

so, I applaud the sentiment, but I doubt that the measure will pass, and, if it does, that this won't generate a lot of problems.


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it is a known issue. look it up on the internet. so far, no solution except look to the lower right (away from incoming traffic), keep your windshield clear (to avoid glare), and, if this fails, don't drive at night. utterly unhelpful.


some newer cars come with the feature that they'll turn off the high beams if they detect an incoming car.


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Don't be one of those selfish pricks who trample the flowers, as influencers and others eager for selfies and pictures of themselves do in places like Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve during bloom. It's heinous and vile. Show some respect please. Stay on paths.

Saying this on account of the picture you posted, which shows a selfish couple trampling wildflowers just for a pretty picture.


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Acne, high BMI and insulin resistance are correlated by way of hyperandrogenism (a form of excess of sexual hormones). If you go on google scholar and type "acne bmi correlation" you will see the sources for this.


do note that lean hyperandrogenism is also possible. I am an unlucky sufferer. Always underweight yet bad acne.


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Poulsbo, Anacortes and Bellingham are all nice, but so are many towns along the coast, depending on how small and rural you want to be. idk for the interior. Why not go explore and see what you like?

For your worry over crime, I'd say that any city or region can have crime, drugs and other problems, and that you really have to check out the exact neighborhood you are interested in, to get a feel for the place. Ask around, too. Ask the locals.

If Seattle is too expensive, then smaller towns can make sense, or go rural even. just do your due diligence.


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I was wondering precisely about fugues! they do feel like very complex variation and ornamentation of a motif, aren't they?

Then, some pieces are really centered around theme repetition, it feels. Ravel's Boléro. Pachelbel's canon. Carrol of the Bells. Looks like there's different names for that - canon, ostinato.

And then there's the use of motif and repetition/variation/ornamentation in improvisation, such as in jazz. I am not a music scholar so I can't explain how it works, but I know that they use it...

Maybe you can tell us more?


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is that tied to the concept of leitmotiv ?

If I may probe your brain here, is this an early modern discovery? or does it date further back (baroque? medieval?)? What about in non-Western traditions, like carnatic music with its rāgas?


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that makes sense! I think you may be on to something. That would explain why we don't get ear worms for other senses, if our brains don't feel the impulse to complete de gestalt.

I wonder if there's scientific research that's proven or disproven this.