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I saw the preview and wasn’t sold but I’ll probably watch it eventually. I’m a big fan of the original. I wish they had kept it as high school kids, House Party is the black Superbad. I don’t think mansions and NBA players is going to improve the story any


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Or until there are more viable competitive leagues for top talent. All it takes is a guy offering a little more money for UFC to lose all the talent. Unfortunately at the moment UFC is likely the best paying league in MMA


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Once I had my car in the shop and they gave me a brand new Cadillac CTS loaner car. I knew the repair was going to be thousands of dollars and really didn’t want to spend any unnecessary funds so when they asked if I wanted insurance I declined. The next day I got paranoid and called them up and said I’d like to add the insurance. They were surprisingly cool about it, thought I’d have to bring the car in for a full inspection, nope. They just added it. I could have already damaged the car