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Yes, I am an ignorant fuck and I also have a younger cousin who is one of those kids riding around on ATVs in the city. He and his friends would tell you, Oh Enlightened One, that if you built them a state of the art facility they would use it a few times and still continue to ride on the street because that's where the excitement is.


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The whole point of riding an unregistered, illegal bike on the street is the fact that you're not supposed to be on the street. Why would you want to go to some track where no one will see you? And how are you going to get there? Are you going to load your bike on a trailer that's pulled by your $75k SUV and unload it there? I don't think so.


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Hey, many of us agree that these dirt bikes and ATVs are trash, but two young adults are dead. Plus, some random woman who did nothing wrong has to spend the rest of her life coming to terms with having been involved in two people's death. This isn't the time to be cheering or celebrating anything.


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Usually, the HOA only cares about structural or systems (electrical/plumbing) work and that's because if you screw something up, it can absolutely impact your neighbors. If you screw up some drywall, only you have to live with the horror of looking at it.


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If you are OK commuting a little, Electric Boar has a shop in Quonset and another just over the line in Connecticut. They're always hiring entry level people to train, begin around $22 an hour, and have great benefits.


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Many places are. If you've ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, you'd know that a mid to high volume restaurant will grind to a halt pretty quickly without a decent dishwasher or two. In the current labor market, that means paying people $20 to keep them from going to be elsewhere.


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Maybe leaving out the part about being married five times would make your story a little more beneficial to the OP. Your friend is broken, and it's only a matter of time before Chanel No. 5 figures this out, too. Classes are great, though. None of the performance anxiety that comes with the club / bar scene. Go. For. It!

Edit: Down vote all you want but it's true. To paraphrase the old trueism: "Marry an asshole and, well, you married an asshole. Marry four assholes? you're the asshole."


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When I was a kid, many of my Portuguese friends' homes had essentially a working kitchen and family room in the basement. The kitchen, living room and dining room on the main level featured glistening appliances, furniture and decorations, and were reserved for when special guests came over. Otherwise, family life took place in the basement.


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At a cost of $150-200 million dollars per mile, on average, it's safe to say that RI does not have the density to justify building any kind of light rail for the foreseeable future. Shit, we can't even convince our leaders to underwrite free RIPTA, which would be like 35 million a year and literally change people's lives.