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No, they’re someone saying “I’m your friend” and hesitating to give you the knife.

Biden recently passed legislature increasing funding for the NRLB, the organisation dedicated to prosecuting illegal union-busting. That is not much yet, but it’s important help, definitely not stabbing in the back.


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COVID infections rates in SSA are low, but far higher than the numbers, for a few reasons

  1. Good hygiene - diseases kill, without good hygiene you die
  2. Terrible data collection - governments do not have the capability to accurately assess how many citizens have COVID (nor do they want to)
  3. Being sick is considered shameful - if you’re sick with COVID, it’s perceived that that means you are “dirty”, and so people pretend they are not sick
  4. COVID is often mistaken for other diseases

This is true for a lot of diseases, not necessarily just in SSA. Malaria is one of the only “socially acceptable” diseases - it has a tendency to overshadow everything else since it is so common and devastating.

The thing with malaria is, even if it doesn’t kill you, it can make you incredibly tired for months on end. So you can’t work. And that in itself can kill you


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Not sure how true that is. Nothing is as exciting as an established theory being proved wrong, but any up-and-coming scientist wants to be right, even if they will accept if they’re wrong