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>It's not abandoned anymore. They do a Halloween thing (which is probably poor taste now that I think about it)...

I heard an interview with one of the caretakers: they know it's not a great look, but it provides a ton of funding for their preservation and education projects. I think it was an episode in this series.


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More money for schools is great, but what about the other 16 hours of the day? After-school programs can provide a valuable bridge for kids who aren't getting good guidance at home. My circumstances weren't nearly as bad as many, but free after school programs and the public library definitely kept me out of trouble at a vulnerable time in my life.


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Yeah. I worked in the industry for a few years (shout-out to SIU!) Between containerization, more reliable cargo liner service, and passenger airlines, we'll probably never see the likes of SSUS again. There's simply no reason that a non-military ship needs to go that fast for that far.

There's easily a whole Ken Burnsworth of documentary material about the age of shipping epitomized by the SS United States and the end of that age.


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They are elected officials, so the only recourse is state impeachment, much like they're trying to do to ol' Larry K.

I'll say the same thing about these county election bums that others have said about the state impeaching Larry: The county voted the bum in, let them vote the bum out. Keep your Harrisburg shenanigans out of the inner workings of my city.