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My mother does hers in the oven and finishes them on the grill, and they always come out bonkers. You could do the same with the broiler. It’s no different than a smoker other than the smoke, but if you want messy ribs the sauce and rub can get you pretty far.


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Sure thing! I haven’t tried any of those places but my mom likes Bellariva in New Prov for a good football pizza too, so that’s prob worth giving a shot. There’s a very highly rated spot on the one bite app in Short Hills that seems like it should be promising as well, but I’ve never been there either. There are a ton of places in north jersey that are worth a drive too, so keep that in mind!

Report back with your findings, I’m always down for a new slice.


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I grew up in Summit and my mom still lives there so I’m in the neighborhood pretty regularly. Zappia’s pizza in Summit is pretty solid for NY style - Trattoria is a little fancier style but probably the best in the area, but as far as I recall they don’t deliver. There’s a new spot on Union Place called SQR or something like that and it’s also really good, but again, not classic NY style. Honestly can’t really go wrong with any pizza place in that area in my opinion, which spots have you already tried?