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I think it’s non issue. The lack of sleep is avoidable by going to bed earlier. Going to bed later would - likewise - make for less sleep.

If the school day shifted later, so would all the after school activities that keep them from getting sleep. They’d just have less daylight after school.

As a teacher, I’d personally rather have a 9-5 schedule than 7:30-3:30. But I don’t think it would have the effect on students that people think it would.

Summer school starts later. Kids still show up later and complain that they didn’t get enough sleep. They’re just going to be at 3 instead of 1.


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If you haven’t, put plastic over the windows/glass doors.

We have double pane windows, but the first year we sealed them, we cut our oil consumption by like 30%.

Our house is a similar size, and we’ve used under 100gal so far this winter (plus the heat pump adds about $30-50/month. We keep it at about 65.


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Or, looked at another way, people with degrees get an incentive to stay and work in ME instead of moving to NH or MA. They may get a tax write off for some of their taxes, but if they leave the state we get nothing. Plus, they’ll still be paying property taxes, use taxes, and income tax beyond the max of $2500 for 10 years

Additionally, there’s the fact that tech companies and other big employers won’t come to an area that doesn’t have a pool of qualified workers. Opening it up to degrees from other states allows us to poach qualified worker from other states.

A rising tide lifts all ships. So, it seems like a solid investment to me.


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His insurance is probably about to turn into another car payment, but I’m not sure how helpful a lawyer will be - he may want to save the money.

35 generally means houses. Pushing 70 in a residential area is something that deserves punishment. No way you’re going to be able to stop if a dog (or kid) runs out into the road.

Does he have a dash cam, or any way he can contest the speed? A lawyer is only going to be useful if there’s something to argue.


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Reply to Damn by Popomatik

I feel like "reported" is important. Also, I wonder if a certain amount of it has to do with different states approach to DHHS.


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If I were going to lie I’d probably make up something a bit more grandiose than asking a few people at lunch. I’m honestly mystified at the disconnect between my entire life experience, and this thread. I’ve been making fun of teens/adults trick or treating since I was a teen. Aside from the developmentally disabled, I’ve never heard anyone mention it other than to complain.

But at the end of the day, I don’t particularly care what you believe. Go beg other adults for the candy they bought to give away to children, or whatever other little thing your heart desires.

Just know that a significant percentage of other adults will be judging you for it.

You do you.

Edit: this is assuming you’re not going with kids. Adults dressing up while accompanying kids is totally normal. The years I bring the kids out I totally dress up.


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Twix bars - pack of 36 is like $30 on amazon - most other candy bars are about the same. I have to grab some skittles this afternoon because of all the dairy allergies - maybe they'll be cheaper at Sam's, but i expect I'm going to be paying more than $1/bag.

The neighborhood kids are always excited for the full size bars. So, I buy them for the kids. Even kids from other areas are cool. Really any kid is welcome - even kids without costumes.


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They can dress up and have fun all they want.

But if they expect me to spend my money to buy them a candy bar for doing it, they can go right ahead and pound sand.

I only budget like $200 on candy (~200 candy bars if you buy in bulk), so I generally run out at some point in the night. So that also means every “adult” that got one would be a little kid who didn’t.


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I didn’t say they don’t. Lots of people also pick their noses/asses in public. People doing something isn’t a great test of whether it’s something that is likely to bother people.

I didn’t say that it’s illegal or even morally “wrong”. It’s just not normal - and liable to make people take critical notice.

You do you though. I’ve gotta finish getting my house ready for tonight. Still need to patch one of the inflatables, and buy another box of candy bars - I forgot to get a dairy free option.

Maybe I’ll even get some hard candies for any adults that show up..


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Mainers aren’t like what? Bothered by adults asking for candy you bought for kids?

I’ve been here my whole life, and all my neighbors and friends have as well. I was concerned that I was actually wrong and ran in informal poll at lunch. 10/10 of my coworkers said it’s definitely [at least] mildly annoying. They were split on whether they'd actually give them candy or tell them to go away.