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I read the article. My comments are a mix between what is in the article and the comment.

If you have different information, it should be included in your comment. To have information and not include it in your comment is not really fair. Others have posted new to me information. I will read that later today.


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I met Jim Douglas when he was a recent graduate from Middlebury College. He came to our house for a meal more than once. That was around 1969 to 1974. He also came to the office where my dad worked, and where my mom worked.

I remember two things about him. He was the only person I knew under the age of 60 who wore his pants above his belly button. This was in the time of bell bottoms and hip hugger jeans. So, it was really awkward.

And I remember he was a member of the Young Republicans, or college republicans. It was a time when I was figuring out the difference between democrat and republican. Through the types of jobs my parents had, I had the opportunity to meet political leaders in both parties. Jim Douglas was one of the few republicans that treated me as a real person at the age of 7 when I first met him. He was polite, asked my opinions and listened to the answers.

Douglas is one of the few republicans I have ever voted for.

I read the article. I was at first surprised, then pissed. Then I read deep into the details and came to my original opinion of Jim Douglas. He is an honorable person and his lawsuit has merit, based on what is included in the article.

Mead made comments about the vasectomy, and said it was worth looking into for more study. 30 years later a different group of people sterilized people with a vasectomy. And to connect those two in a way to imply that Mead supported eugenics is not fair. And, the name Mead was for the Mead family, and not just one person. Furthermore, the contract to build Mead Chapel included money from the Mead family for the construction. Part of the deal was that the chapel would carry the Mead Family name.

I generally don't like republicans. It is rare that I would defend one. Jim Douglas is one of the exceptions. I have not seen him act in bad faith at any time.


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I think you did not read the article.

It says Mead mentioned a new operation called a vasectomy. And that it would be a favorable advance in medicine, or words to that effect. The vasectomy was performed 30 years later, by people not known to Mead when he made his comments. Douglas said, to connect those two is simply not logical or fair, or words to that effect.

I had a vasectomy. Are you saying I support eugenics? I really don't think you are saying that. I think you did not read the article.

I am not one to defend republicans very often. This would be the time.


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To be honest, my dad pulled more than one dead squirrel out of a bucket and added the sap to the tank. He said, you are going to boil it anyway, so it is all OK.

Good thing we have pipes now.


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Good question.
I have been to a few dozen Grateful Dead Shows.
I have seen my share of bad trips. It was almost one per show in the 80’s and 90’s.
I also went to college at one of our state schools. I would never admit that it was a party college. I saw one or two people get pretty messed up from acid. One guy was having mental health issues and took acid often. It triggered his other issues in a bad way. He left school. Rumors said he was no Longer able to function for years.


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I agree with legalizing marijuana. I don't use it, but I don't see that it is causing major problems like alcohol.

I would accept supervised use of psychedelic drugs. I am not interested in them. I have read about some uses that have a benefit for some people. It is therapy. I would also agree to de-criminalize use of these.

There are other drugs that I just cannot see as recreational drugs. Opioid drugs have caused some major problems with addiction, overdose, leading to wrecked lives and death.


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On that day, walk is the perfect thing to do.

I was living in Seattle in 1998-99. We had something like 145 days of cloudy weather in a row. Mt. Baker Ski area had over 1,100 inches of snowfall that winter. I was outside walking every single day. Or snowshoeing, x-c skiing or something.

And I did not notice the gloomy grey weather. It was only when the sun came out and I heard other people talk about dark it had been that I realized what just happened.


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I am a white man over 60, so I am not in the demographic to experience racism.

Let's just say that I have been harassed for an Obama sticker in several different small towns that have a single gas station, and only a small store for shopping. Forks, Omak, Lynden. Some town on the way to Mt. rainier. Some town in the Palouse. Several of those used a racial slur, others called me a communist.

I lived in Seattle for about 9 years. I never heard racist comments toward any group while there. I have heard plenty of insensitive comments off the beaten path.


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It is probably not stranded, or abandoned. It is likely a baby left by the adults while they hunt. In the wild, you would find entire beaches with dozens or hundreds of babies with no adults. Because they need air, the adults cannot both hunt and make sure the baby breathes.

Federal wildlife laws require that you stay back. I think 200 yards. And that might not be possible. In my town, the are often seen on the beaches right under the roads. You can be there and not see the baby seal. The interpretation is that you many not leave the roadway, walkway or bluff to get on the beach if a baby seal is present.

What happens is the adults may be watching you, and for their own safety, they do not return.


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I have been a driver in the US, Canada and Europe. Some countries require lights on while driving, no matter the weather. I believe Canada is one of those,but have not been there for years.

Lights on makes a difference to safety, especially in norther locations, and during cloudy, snowy weather. It is much safer when others can see you.

And cars with gray or silver paint are much harder to see. So if this is your car color, turn your lights on long before you need them. Just look at the pavement and background on those days.

And don't tell me 'I can see just fine'. You are not me, and it might be my car that rams into you, because, I might not see you. Or, it might be my grandparents, who both drive past age 90. My grandfather thinks he will still be driving after age 100. Turn your lights on.


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You are experiencing DeJoy of the mail service.

Seriously, this guy wants to cut back service and he is making it happen in small ways so we will be used to it when the close USPS down.

Then we can pay UPS $18 to have your envelope delivered.


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I have my complaints with Democrats.

I will agree that Pelosi and Romney are comparable on either side.

The Democrats do not have anyone with extreme rule breaking and disregard for human decency that matches Trump on that level. They do not have a poop thrower like Marjorie Taylor Green, with the disregard for rules and outright lies. They do not have a lunatic like Boebart shooting the neighbor's dog and promoting violence against other people, the do not have a government obstructionist like Moscow Mitch, or Matt Gaetz. Shit. The Democrats don't have anyone who dates teen aged kids in power like Gaetz, or anyone who approves grabbing pussy.

The Democrats has a comedian who pretended to grab women as a comedy act, and then did it in photos, without doing more than had happened on stage. The democrats made him quit. They said, "Get off our team. We don't respect that". Many republicans have done much worse than that, and still hold onto power.

Trump is still in good favor after the pussy grab tape. Goetz is still in power. Santos is still in office with his lies. None of them would last as a Democrat.

Republicans accept scum bags in power, and democrats do not. You have no facts to support a different truth. Truth!