Mooblegum t1_j27unso wrote

I love how people think that spirituality is an easy road where you just go to a monastry like in the movies. And some asian monk give you the Nirvana and some cool mushrooms, a cute girl to fuck and a quarter pound with medium fries.

Stop believing in fairy tales bro. If you want spirituality you can try now in our inperfect world, not in another virtual world.


Mooblegum t1_j274hgp wrote

Are you from the USA ? If yes, capitalism will continue whatever happen as it is rooted veryyyy deeply. Most other countries it would be the same, AI is not a magic wand yet, it is just a tool ready to be used to reinforce capitalism, lowering the price of workforce


Mooblegum t1_irje4fj wrote

Yeah that would be great to have AI work to create better medical and psychological treatment, reduce the poverty and create better, less corrupted politics. Instead we have images, music, video website generation. It is all good but the most important issues are not that, this is just intertainment.