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I was in a union one time in my 35 hears of working. It was my last job at a large grocery chain. We couldn't get fired unless you didn't work for 60 days, stole something or went to work for competition. We had a guy that would just leave mid shift to go drive for Uber. Wouldn't say anything to anyone, just fucking dip out. Management could only reprimand him. Him and I got into once when he tried calling me off a break 5 minutes early. I got reprimanded for telling him to fuck off in front of customers. I fucking hated that place.


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Brother, you Europeans would be speaking German if it weren't for American involvement. We all won it together but it ended favorable once the US got involved. Our ascent to as an economic power has nothing to do with this conversation. We all know what happened to our economy afterwards. Do we kinda suck at being an economic power, I'd say yes but no amount of hate for our country will change facts.